Can you spot the tail of the grass snake?

This poem was inspired by Mr green snake, a grass snake, which slithered onto the bench while I was sitting in the botanic gardens one day. I am just writing in free form based on how I feel at the moment, so I have no idea if it can be considered a poem. Here goes…

Why hurry? What’s the rush?

Where are you going anyway?

Can’t you stop just for once?

Stop, sit and breathe

Feel the breeze whistling around you.

Feel your heart beating. What is it telling you? Have you been ignoring it?

It is whispering to you. Loud and clear at first.

Not right now, I have to finish school, you say.

Back to the hustle and bustle of life,

It became silent.

Then one day, it slithered into your life, rears its head and whispered to you again.

Not now, I have to earn more money to be successful, you say.

Falling right back into the grind of work,

Working hard day and night. Not really sure what you are working for.

Deep inside you wonder.

For money? For security? For future?

Not now, you say, and pushed it aside.

Ignored, it went away.

Finally, you are old and rich

You look around you. You think you are successful. At least in people’s eyes, you are.

What was it you wanted to say, you ask.

Silence was the answer.

You can’t hear it no more.

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