The Forest is the therapist. The Guide opens the doors.”

– M. Amos Clifford

Hi! I am a forest therapy guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT). 

What is forest therapy?

In its most basic form, all forest therapy practices work with the human body’s connection to natural environments, to help restore health. Forest therapy is inspired by the Japanese practice of “shinrin yoku” 森林浴 (しんりんよく), which literally means forest bathing. Research has shown that there are lots of health benefits from forest bathing and spending time in nature. 

ANFT Forest Therapy is more than a walk in the woods. It is a heart-centred and relational approach of forest therapy. 

Why do you need a guide? 

In our fast paced urban life, we tend to have trouble slowing down. We are constantly in a chronic state of fight or flight since young. The constant pressure to perform well in school (as children) and then at work (as adults) stresses our central nervous system, causing various mental and physical health issues. 

A guided walk by a trained ANFT guide helps to open the doors to Nature, by guiding you to slow down, and providing a safe space for you to interact with Nature and care for yourself as well as the Earth. It is a sensory and immersive experience that aims to help you reconnect with Nature, rediscover your authentic self and heal not just yourself but also the Earth. 

Contact me if you are interested to go on a guided walk!

I am currently based in Singapore.