I’ve volunteered to join Kumary and her team (Ajay and Abee) to go bamboo harvesting today. The rest of the volunteers stayed back in the camp to continue with the natural building course. I think they’ll be learning wattle and daub.

In the morning, I helped to water and weed the garden which is grown using permaculture principles, which means it’s organic and no pesticides are used. They’re experimenting with growing cash crops like avocado and coffee so that they can sell them in the market. Once the coffee beans are ready to harvest, they will dry them in the sun and roast using a coffee roaster.

There were a lot of these spiky looking things that we had to clear. They would stick to our clothes and you’ll have to spend some time picking them out.

Coffee plant. The coffee beans turns red when they’re ripe. The flesh of a fresh coffee bean is yellowish in colour.

In the afternoon, we went a place near zero kilo to harvest bamboo. It takes a lot of effort to chop down the bamboo, cutting it to the right length and then carrying it to the roadside for transportation back to camp. We worked until about 4.30pm. 

Kumary had arranged for a velaro (truck) to transport the bamboo and send us back to the camp. While waiting for the truck, we went to zero kilo to have a snack and tea. The rooftop of the shop has a great views of the sunset amidst the Himalayan mountain. The truck ride back was a bumpy ride.

Kumary ordered spicy chow mien (Nepalese version of fried noodles) and tea for me. I couldn’t finish it as it was way too spicy for me. I love their Nepalese tea though.

Watching sun set from the rooftop of the shop was a highlight of the day. Reward for the day’s hard work.

Oh and I was quite upset that I lost my nice glove which I bought in New Zealand. It was handmade with leather. I hope that whoever found the gloves would use it well.


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