On my last day in Nepal, I decided to take it slow and easy. The plan is to sleep in, rest and indulge in some introverted activities. I sat in the middle of the Patan Durbar Square and people watched. Then I read a book in the lounge of the Airbnb place. Taking it nice and slow.

It was a short but memorable trip. Being able to visit the Boudhanath stupa was in a way, a spiritual pilgrimage for me. I am grateful for the warmth and hospitality from the people I met during my stay. And I feel blessed to be shown a different side of Nepal, immersing myself in their food, culture, amazing architecture and life lessons. The people of Nepal are an inspiration and a source of strength.

Dhanyavaad (means thank you in Hindi and Nepali)! When the call of the Himalayan mountains is strong, I will be back!


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