Conscious Impact's kitchen
I woke up early to have breakfast but dilly dallied too much in my packing and […]
I have arrived safely in Kathmandu last night after a 5 hours flight. It’s better to […]
My volunteer experience with Conscious Impact in Nepal, Jan 2023.
4 Jan 2009 We did another day trip from Shangri-La to Potatso National Park. This was […]
1 Jan 2009 On New Year’s Day, we did a day trip to Li Jiang. It […]
28 Dec 2008 This was a beautiful day at the Blue Moon Valley, about 5 hours […]
The owner of the Songtsam Retreat is Baima 白玛多吉. His father is Han Chinese and mother […]
Kunming 昆明市 – Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 迪庆藏族自治州 Dec 2008 – Jan 2009 (1 month)  I […]